Where do I see all incoming invitations (collaborator)?

It’s now late 2020.  We all need this feature.


+1 to all the requests for this. I realize the dev team is probably stretched thin right now:)  but it feels extremely awkward to not have this. Would be like if Facebook did not show you pending friend requests in the app and you could only access them by email.

One issue for me is that github emails go to my work address, but I also use github for other projects on my personal computer where I can’t access work emails.

While this still doesn’t seem to be in the UI anywhere I’ve found, you’re able to use the GitHub API to get a list of all the invitations.

curl -H "Authorization: token YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN" \

You need a personal access token with repo:invite rights in order to view the list of your invitations.  If you pipe the results into jq, you get a clean list.

curl -H "Authorization: token YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN" \
https://api.github.com/user/repository_invitations | \
  jq '.[].html_url'

I second this, this is really awkward. I am surprise this isn’t resolved. Maybe I am putting too much time on GitHub. Really awkward to used. Failed 404 when trying to accept invites, can’t list invites.

I am also missing this feature.

I got no email notification upon being invited to a GitHub repository, nor was there anywhere to locate outstanding invitations in the GitHub UI itself. The only way I found out I was invited was by asking the inviter where my invitation was, at which point she manually sent me a link to the page for accepting the invitation she had already made me.

so I am…
I just have received the link of invitation and my collaborator was waiting to accept…but …how…???

I believe they did it to account for invites to people without a github account. However, I really think it makes sense for the invites to also appear in the notifications if you already have an existing github account. It is very easy for the invite email to get lost in the mailbox especially if you get lots of other github emails.

Hello, this is an urgently needed feature for all educators. Ideally the list is presented sorted by time stream or can at least be sorted by time manually.

upvoting this. I need access to students repos and it’s seriously tiring to click on 100 emails to get that done each time.

It’s been 2 years since this was opened, has there been any progress towards this? My e-mail isn’t the most organised and it’s really hard to have to search for GitHub emails not ignoring how annoying it is to have to open individual emails and join.

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Now I get why advanced users preferes to gitlab or gitbucket instead of github. Two years of opened ticket. I was were surprised as many, but even more I frustrated that it’s still don’t implemented.

Before this day I thinked that github is a brain of whole world and top place for solving such problems by tickets, but now my faith is failed.

I guess this just has to be bumped some more, maybe in 20 years we will have this feature

I am also not able to get the invitation on github. So I think there should be a way to accept it so please let me know if anybody knows the answer

come on github, this should be implemented two years ago. welp, another reason to use gitlab

GitHub Classroom can fix this one for you. It automates your access to the student repositories it creates.