Where do I see all incoming invitations (collaborator)?

When people invite me to collaborate on a project where can I see the invitation?

I see the invitation in an email, but is that the only place?

I wish there were a page on Github which lists all pending invitations.


Hey that’s a good question.


You can also see the invite if you know which repo you were invited to:


> I wish there were a page on Github which lists all pending invitations.

Yeah I don’t think there is a place to see all the pending invitations.  Looks like this data is not user facing yet :frowning:


Hi @adymoussa,

At this time, the only place to view invitations is in the email/web notification or on the repository or organization that invited you. However, I can understand how having a central location to view these invitations could be very helpful.

We’re always working to improve GitHub and the GitHub Community Forum, and we consider every suggestion we receive. I’ve logged your feature request in our internal feature request list. Though I can’t guarantee anything or share a timeline for this, I can tell you that it’s been shared with the appropriate teams for consideration.



Thank you @cici-chen and @that-pat for your replies.

Hopefully, we’ll have such a page someday :slight_smile:

Should I accept your answer as a solution? Or would that confuse people?

I think accepting it as a solution makes sense since it is to say “this feature doesn’t exist yet, but might in the future.” We are working on a way to make the process of feature requests and feedback less cumbersome eventually.

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For now improving the process for sending, finding and accepting invites (in addition to email / web notifications) would be very good step forward!


It’s 2019 now, is this possible yet?


This feature still has not implemented?

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I have numerous pending invitiations but they do not appear in any notification log. 

I’m very surprised this isn’t a feature.

I think the argument for not having it is poor and this is actually a product design failure. 

Hope to see it corrected in the future!

Thank you for github’s current offering to society.


Please let me know when a central location to see all invitations has been implemented!


I am hosting a class and asking students to add me as collaborator. It would be great if this feature is implemented so I’ll be able to save a lot of time clicking each individual invitation! 


I finally solved this frustrating problem by using bitbucket.


I’m assuming this is a technical limitation. As I hope that Github doesnt really expect users to fish through emails to get invites out, especially when a new user is added to 20 repos at the same time. i.e start to work at new company ,etc.


On what planet does “There is no current solution” work as a “solution”? I am amazed that this is not a feature. I have over 100 students, and while I use Github classroom for many assignments, I do periodically have to give an assignment where they add me as a collaborator. It is ridiculous for me to have to  spend the time clicking 100 emails every time I give an assignment.

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Bumping this one up one more time. Seriously guys, this can’t be a tough issue to solve. And if there isn’t a feature to remind people that they have been invited and open invites are just sitting there, it should at least notify a logged in user.

What’s the big deal?


2020 and still don’t have this. Super annoying.


This sort of notification needs to be centralized and perhaps sent out on a non annoying cadence for the contributor in question.

I just found out today that I was invited to a repo months ago and I had no idea.

The only way I saw it was by going to the repo and noting the banner on top that said I was invited to it.


Is GitHub working on a solution?  I know that’s already been asked before, but I didn’t see a response. I’m together with all the people waiting on a solution.  Please clue me in if I’m in the dark here.  Thanks

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In the link @cici-chen mentioned, the username will be an orgname if the repo is created under an org

Also if the invitation is to the organization :

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Is there a way to upvote that feature?