Where do I post feature requests for Github ?


The Github Contact page doesn’t have an obvious section for submitting ideas/feature requests. Where can I submit one ?

(I am aware of this topic here; I am asking about feature requests in general)


Update: You can now submit feature requests directly to GIthub using our special customer feedback form.

Hi @staticnotdynamic,

Thanks for being here! Feel free to post any feature idea here and we’ll forward it to the appropriate team.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing you around!


Hi @andreagriffiths11, I posted a feature request about partial search functionality but it got deleted yesterday (Nov 11th) without any explanation. The request was for a wildcard support in search queries (e.g. " multipl*"). Would you be able to tell why it was deleted and where should I post it?


Hey @bartlomiej-dawidow,

I noticed your comment and I wanted to share that your post can be found here.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Sometimes posts get caught in the moderation queue, but our team reviews them as quickly as possible.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Greatly appreciated,


Hi @mchevy422, thanks for your reply. I was referring to my other post about a different feature that was previously available here:


But it now disappeared. Based on your answer, is there a possibility that it’s still awaiting moderation?



I apologize, I had not seen your second feature request until reading your comment.

You should be able to view the feature request post in question as of now.

Again, I apologize for the delay… thank you for being understanding.

Greatly appreciated,


@mchevy422 I can see it now, thank you!

A suggestion for a new theme that combines dark and light like this:


Basically, all dark except the code diffing screen, which I think works better with the white background.  Just my $0.02.



Nice to have links for the latest updates for the repos displayed on the Account’s main page “entry” page.

Example 10 seconds recording of where the links to click should be.



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Hey @australium

Thanks for being here and for taking the time to record your feedback, I’ll be sure to pass it along to the appropriate team. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to seeing you around!


Sorry if I missed this option somewhere but can you please implement a “skip to bottom” button in a PR? One that kinda follows  you around and you can click from anywhere within the PR? That’d be wonderful, and save us lots of time scrolling… Thanks!


We have some very long PRs, and we need to load and look at all of the diffs. Clicking the button for each diff is super time consuming.

Here is a work-around someone wrote:


But I bet there would be something that could be way more efficient.


Could a feature be added where when you convert a note into an issue, it uses the issue template?



Would you kind folks at GitHub be so inclined as to implement a feature to notify users when a commit is made to master? Currently I see two extremes; 1) get notified of  everything 2) get notified of releases. A couple of the repos I follow don’t do releases (a lot of the ‘awesome-<insert-thing>’ repos) but I’d like to know when a cool entry is added to the repo.

Best Intentions,

Daniel Okey-Okoro.


Often when I make a PR, the changes I made only make sense in light of one or more other unchanged files.

I would like the ability to tag other unchanged files as “of interest” in my PR so they show up with an empty diff in the PR, to save reviewers the hassle of scrounging around on their own to get the whole picture.

P.S. It won’t let me tag this feature request as “feature request”, so I’ve had to tag it as “featur3 request”.


Many times I come across bad code in repos. We need a way to flag the repo as 💩 with a button at the top of the page, just like stars, except negative.

This will help the community identify terrible code.


I’m trying to use Github projects to manage a new project, but I’m finding that it’s missing some key features:

  • Need to pin a note or issue to the top of a column.
  • Need to add a description to a column that appears below the title and above the cards.
  • Need to set up project and/or column automation to act on issues with certain labels. It would be great to have a project focused on a particular label or set of labels.
  • Need to have project and/or column automation itself apply labels to issues. e.g. when an issue is moved from “To Do” to “Doing”, the “in-progress” label is applied to the issue.

I’m not a massive user of Github but whenever I do come to look around and possibly download a project or part of it I’m wondering why you don’t list the SIZE of the repo or the current folder when showing the Clone or Download zip button on the web gui. 

Maybe its somewhere else in the interface ??   But when I go to clone or download I would really like to know if I’m looking at a 30KB or 200MB  download.



Being able to take a poll on a feature, issue or any other requests is a demanding feature nowadays. Right now there exists a low-key workaround which has many limitations due to 3rd party security policies-


I wish this feature was available accross all github repositories so as to make use of it to the full potential.

P.S. Another obvious thing to ask is why there is no feature request section in github’s contact page?


Would love if you could render Swift Color literals as colors. Thanks! 

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