Where can i submit an issue for github training workshop

Found a typo or outdated instruction

Exercise 5 in the linked workshop, Task 2 does not exist or does not exist anymore on github, instructions should be updated to reflect that.

Step 5: Create a blog post

:warning: Do not merge yet! :warning:

This pull request looks great so far. :sparkles: You’ve just edited the _config.yml file! We have some more work to do to create your blog site. You can continue to make commits on your tommygebru-patch-2 branch and the pull request will update automatically.

:keyboard: Activity: Add some content to your blog

Shortcut Note: Click this link to automatically complete steps 1-4.

  1. On the “Code” tab, select your tommygebru-patch-2 branch.

  2. Click Create new file.

  3. Name the file _posts/YYYY-MM-DD-title.md.

  4. Replace the YYYY-MM-DD with today’s date, and change the title of your first blog post if you’d like. Note: If you do edit the title, make sure there are hyphens between your words.

    • If your blog post date doesn’t follow the correct date convention, you’ll receive an error and your site won’t build. For more information, see “Page build failed: Invalid post date”.
  5. Type a quick draft of your blog post. Remember, you can always edit it later.

  6. Commit your changes to your branch.

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