Where can I see billing info for GitHub Actions?

I know that the first 2,000 minutes are free (for private repos) and after that it’s billed by the minute, per OS. Presumably, I will be billed for usage across all repos in my organization at the end of the month, but I can’t find anywhere in my account where I can see this.

So, where can I see:

  1. How many minutes I’ve currently used across all repos my organization?
  2. A live total of my bill for the month?
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I’ve also emailed GitHub support about this and have received no reply. 


See https://github.community/t5/GitHub-Actions/Total-amount-of-minutes-used/m-p/30690/highlight/true#M514

We are still working on enabling billing as part of our work to make GitHub Actions GA. Prior to us turning billing on you will start to see a $0 charge and a meter for consumed minutes showing up in your account settings.


You should soon see the ability to export a CSV of your billing details in your account or Org.  That export will enable you to report on the minutes used by specific repos and other dimenions.


Hello, @chrispat Are there any updates here? How to see the number of minutes used by GitHub Actions for an org?

The CSV export is great and provides a detail breakdown of all costs. However, I wonder if an API endpoint is planed to make those data accessible to other systems @chrispat?