Where can I report a Github repo that I am NOT part of?

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, and I can’t find an actual route in the GH docs or support pages, so hence I’ve ended up here, because after much fishing around this seems to be the only place where I might get an answer.

A long time ago, for some reason, I got tagged in a comment on this repo:

If you go to the main page, you’ll find that the description is just a huge piece of JavaScript, if you try to use the GH tools and or copy the link to the repo from the page, you will find that you end up with ALL of that javascript as your link, the only way to get a safe link is to copy from the address bar in the browser.

ANYWAY… as I say I got tagged, as did a few others, and as you can see from issue number 1 there’s a few “wtf”'s and other similar comments…

There was a tounge in cheek reply from the system owners (Suspect actually a bot of some kind) but nothing serious so I (I can’t say what others did) just ignored it.

Recently however it’s started up again, and I’m now getting email alerts every couple of weeks with nothing except weird looking random links in them, for obvious reasons I’ve not clicked on any of these links, the latest one just received today is a .cn domain (China) so is quite suspicious.

I’m now starting to suspect that this is some kind of long term phishing attempt, or that the actual owner of the account (Which seems to have 2 other legitimate, proper repos on the account) doesn’t realise that the account may have been hijacked in some way.

As I say, it’s not my repo, and I’m not part of the team, but due to me being tagged in a comment, I’m now seeing updates, and I really think someone at github needs to take a look into this repo.

If anyone here can deal with it, or if anyone can point me to where I need to go with this information, I’d be much appreciated.

Not just for me, but we’ve no idea how many other people are getting comments from this repo and possibly clicking on the links.

I’m sorry that you’re having to go through this, @shawty, it sounds as though you’ve been targeted for phishing/abuse. Though the forum team can’t directly do anything to help with your situation, I would suggest you open a ticket with our Support Team for further assistance.

@tuves Thanks, I’ll do that.