Where can I propose improvements for GitHUB-Guides

Hi everybody,

the hello-world-guide surely does explain how GitHub works. But it is written from somebody who does well know GitHub. Now there is an effect I call

blindness of the expert for beginners difficulties

If you are deep inside something knowing a lot about it you take more and more things for granted. Thats what causes the “blindness” for beginners difficulties.

Imagine I would have just written something about “BOTEFBD”. Without the explanation above
you would NEVER be able to decipher “BOTEFBD”

as Blindess Of The Expert For Beginners Difficulties

I’m such a beginner. So I would like to give feedback about the difficulties I have using the Hello-World-GitHUb Guide. If you know think “man is this guy dumb?!” This is just another
proof for the effect described above. (Tap yourself on the shoulder for beeing an expert about GitHub)

I have read this Hello-World-GitHub-Guide. But I have no idea where to write this feedback how this hellow-world-github-guide shall be improved. Thank God there is a “classical” user-forum to ask questions.

You can be a highly sophisticated expert about a subject. But this alone does not classify somebody to be an expert on explaining his subject. Therefore you have to become an expert on a second thing. To become a real good person about explaining you have to become an expert about beginners difficulties. An expert has collected a lot of experience. An expert who wants to explain something really good - not only somehow - has to have collected experience about beginners difficulties.

So I hope I have given an easy to understand explanation myself coming back to the question:

Where can I write suggestions for how to improve GitHUB-Guides?
best regards


Hello @StefanL38, thanks for reaching out.

If you’re talking about the Hello World guide, you can give feedback about it here. We’re always interested in hearing how we can improve things, including our help documentation.

On the other hand, I would caution against making assumptions and assertions about the people that authored our guides. It’s entirely possible that they missed the mark and the documentation they wrote could use some improvement, but suggesting they’re blind to the difficulties of being a beginner is unnecessary if your goal is simply to improve the documentation.

So again, if helping to improve the guide is your goal, we would love to hear your thoughts on how it can be improved.