Where can I get my Mars 2020 contributor achievement badge

I had contributed to nasa/fprime repo which has been used for the Mars 2020 mission by NASA. And as per nat’s blog I am eligible to get the Mars 2020 badge in my achievements page…can you guys please add that ?
Here’s my contribution back in February - Update README.md to add highlighted note's by arijitdas123student · Pull Request #418 · nasa/fprime · GitHub that was even merged to the official repo.
Hoping for some help

:wave: Welcome!

It’s really exciting that you have a commit in a NASA repository!

The Mars 2020 Helicopter Contributor badge is available now to everyone with a commit in the specific versions of open source projects and libraries that were used in this mission.

The way this was determined is slightly different than for the Arctic Vault badge where the badge was granted largely on date criteria. In this case, we’re dealing with a list of specific versions of projects and libraries used in a mission that was already being planned six years ago and launched in July 2020.

We were able to confirm specific versions of any open source projects and libraries used.

In the case of the nasa/fprime repository, version 1.3 is listed. If you have a look at that version:

You’ll see it was released in November 2019.

There hasn’t been a new release since you made your commit, but just having contributed to the project is the right step to finding your code on another planet someday.

I know that’s disappointing if you were expecting a badge, but please keep contributing to open source and you never know where your code will turn up!


Yeah, nothing can be done now actually. I also have contributed to some of the eligible repositories but didn’t get the badge because it’s only for some particular versions.

@canuckjacq I’m hoping adding to this thread is ok, since I’m in a similar situation. I contributed a number of commits to the Linux kernel, from my work account (email added to my account now), and they fall into the timeframe when the kernel was pulled for the Mars Rover project. But no badge. Is there any way I can resolve this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

@ppwaskie we’d need specifics. If you don’t want to share the commits and the email address you used publicly, please open a ticket - including the commits that make you eligible.

You may also want to make sure that you’ve added the exact correct email address (as opposed to a similar alias) and that the email address is verified.

One commit is ixgbe: Add module parameter to allow untested and unsafe SFP+ modules · torvalds/linux@8ef78ad · GitHub

There are others if needed.

I did add the Intel address (old address) to my github profile. I just can’t verify it as the email address is no longer accessible (I don’t work there anymore).

I really do appreciate any help you can provide. If you need me to open a ticket though, I can do that.

@ppwaskie I’m afraid we don’t show badges unless the email address is verified on the account, so that likely explains it.

Is there any possibility to provide proof this is actually me? This is an email address I had back in 2013, and then for another 2 years from 2017 - early 2019.

The only way would be if you could verify that email address I’m afraid.

I’ve tried doing this via the account settings, but the email address is obviously undeliverable to.

This is a pretty big bummer if there’s no way to link the old, unverifiable account to my personal account.

It is. I mean, you still have code on Mars, which is pretty amazing - it’s just that we can’t verify that in a way we need to on GitHub.


I have several contributions to Linux kernel with my current (amd) and previous intel email address. How can I get the Mars 2020 badge?
rajneesh.bhardwaj at amd.com