Where can i found following documentation with examples?

I m using qpython and it is not installing tkinter. So i m trying to use androidhelper, i m trying to make a file manager app for android phone which can create folfers, rename file ,change folder for files etc, but for making gui i m stuck at many points,

i know how to handle file operatins but dont know how to make a gui ,

i m only able to create a dialog alert n dont know how to add labels in it for showing files list and
how to add context menu to each file and directory.

could someone tell me a comprehensive doc for making gui without tkinter .first is it possible if yes plz guide me?
Thanx in advance.

You’ll want to use Kivy, according to this. On that page there is code for a simple sample app.

Thanx for your interest n answer but qpythone is saying that kivi is not supported by 3 it is only supported by 2 and it is also written onthis page too.
I m surprised when i m searching for tutorials for gui by qpython none comes up.