Where can i change the translation for "Introduction to GitHub"?

In my language (Spanish), there is a lots of countries that speak it, with differences in each one (modisms) that is sometimes impossible to understand for another countries.

An, for example, in the step 5, the “Your created a new brach” is translate to “Haz creado una rama” but that is incorrect, is “Has creado una rama”, even a 5 yeard old child wont use “Haz” for that sentence.

So, i whant to change the lenguaje to english because the translation is horrible.

@twikzer I’m sorry to hear the Spanish translation is not appropriate for you. We did have several team members work on the translation and review it, but there is always room for improvement. If you have specfic suggestion, please consider dropping by the class repository and opening an issue or, better yet, create a pull request.

If you’d like to switch to English, you’d need to leave the course and start it again. At this time, you cannot change the translation mid-course.