Where best to post a job for contract programmers

Hi all. I’m not sure exactly where to post this, or if Github is even the right forum. So constructive replies are appreciated, and forgive me in advance if I’m out of place.

I have a start-up, and have some Kotlin-apk code developed by a relative newbie programmer, which needs completion. I’m looking for a contract programmer or two, local to my business. My question is: Where best to post online to find a suitable programmer? What is, what forum, board, or web site to use?

Put another way: If you were looking for a contract job, where would you be looking? I’ve tried posting on CraigsList, which used to bring me a flood of resumes in the past, but not anymore. I also tried posting on LinkedIn, which brought moderate number of resumes, mainly from other countries or other parts of the U.S. where I am not located. (Where I post, "Must be local to ", I guess those words are invisible or something?)

I am not seeking a student – I’ve found they are too busy, and some don’t yet have quite the professionalism I need. I am inclined to find someone who is two to ten years into the work force, having actually generated viable release code. I’m also trying to avoid posting on the Web sites that play an intermediary role in billing for the consultant, I want a direct contract/payment. Finally, I’m trying to avoid contracting houses.

I could try Indeed, and maybe I will; but I’m concerned I’d be paying money to again get resumes from all over the planet. I looked at Github, hoping they might have a board where I could post jobs, but didn’t see anything. Did I miss something here!?

Any suggestions you have for a web site where I could post a notice for a programmer, and which generally meets the criteria above, would be helpful. Direct contracting with the coder, likely to get an individual coder, and where I might find people who are passably local to my metro area (happens to be DC metro). I don’t mind paying a few reasonable $$ for posting the ad, but I’m not exactly Apple or Microsoft (yet… :wink: ).