Where are "Issues"? I can't find it, I can't make any of it

I have the project here https://github.com/VadiqueMe/dogecoin , but I can’t find how to create any issue for it_(*_, to summarize some of existing gotchas, for example. Where is it? Has it been [re]moved or what?

*) for this my fork exactly, not for upstream’s variant

update I see only the link to https://github.com/issues on the top bar, which lists every issue I participated in, but not giving me “issues” for this exact project

update too And for this project https://github.com/VadiqueMe/PhysicsOfElasticContinua , I have the wanted “issues” just next to “code”. I wish to get the same for https://github.com/VadiqueMe/dogecoin

Try going to your repo’s settings page: https://github.com/VadiqueMe/dogecoin/settings

Scroll down to “Features” and check the box next to “Issues.”

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