When Isn't the Latest Code Loaded from Github.IO ?

Frankly, I’m new to GitHub. But I’ve searched this site for answers.

I’m making final changes to my new gitHub website (toraware.github.io). These changes register in “Branch: master”,  as they do in “Deployed to github-pages”.

But upon visiting this website, even 10 hours after the last change, the latest changes do not show up. Opening with Chrome shows an older version of my code, and my Brave browser displays yet an older version of my code.

Curiously enough, when I go into either Chrome’s developmental mode (F12) and hold down the “Reload this page” icon (to the left of the URL), and select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” from the drop-down menu, the correct version then loads up!

But then, upon exiting developer’s mode – and revisiting the site anew – again an older version reappears!

I suspect this is a browser issue because when I surfed over just now to my site using Safari, which I never use, the correct version showed up!

I tried deleting my Mac’s cache files, but that doesn’t work. In fact, inspecting my cache files in ~/Library/Caches, I note that the latest dates pertaining to any browser’s cache files are several months old.

Is this a gitHub quirk, a browser quirk, or what?

Found the answer!
It had to do with COOKIES!
Next to the URL is a small “lock” icon.
Clicking that, and removing the cookies,
makes the next visit to the URL displays the latest version!

In all my years of computer use and computer programming, it never occurred to, until today, to click on that “lock” icon next to the URL of a secure site. Until now I thought that icon was simply informative. Now I realize that clicking it provides cookie information. When I deleted the cookies associated with my github website and revisted the site, sure enough, my latest version of my code appeared. The cookies, therefore, were the source of the problems that plagued me – as per my question above.

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