When i change Size of Webpage my Homepage doesnt look like it should

Hello, im a beginner at HTML/CSS(English too) and have a problem which i could solve for myself.
When my webbrowser shown at full size it looks like it should. But when i change the size of the webbrowser my design is messed up.
I appreciate all sort of tips. I want to learn HTML/CSS and Java Script as fast as possible. Im learning all by myself, so my code isnt a good code atm.

I see you use a lot of absolute sizes (in pixels) in the CSS. That’s very likely to cause issues with different screen/window sizes, because objects that stay the same size on different screens won’t fit the same way. In most cases you should use relative sizes (e.g. in percent) and positions instead.

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Thx for your tipp. I will try it and will give an answer if it was the problem. Do you see other Problem with wrong coding?

At a glance: Wrapping list items for header and footer into div elements seems questionable, that styling should probably be done with CSS over the whole list.

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