When i am trying to add custom domain for my repository it says it's already Taken

Hi All,

I need quick help here.

I have created the repository that I need to publish as a website. When I am trying to connect it with a custom domain, it says the domain is already taken.

I followed the steps mentioned in this support article and verified domain ownership by adding TXT Record and now it says the domain is verified.

Still, when I am trying to add a custom domain for my repository I am getting the above error.

@github Request your quick help here.


you have two create CNAME but none of them is the one you have verified

@jdevstatic, This (mehtaabhishek.com & stemcon.in) were to check if it’s not accepting any domain or one particular domain (mehtaabhishek.in).

However, upon checking as you can see it’s creating CNAME for mehtaabhishek.com & stemcon.in but not creating CNAME for mehtaabhishek.in instead it’s giving the error message as The custom domain mehtaabhishek.in is already taken. If you are the owner of this domain, check out https://docs.github.com/pages/configuring-a-custom-domain-for-your-github-pages-site/verifying-your-custom-domain-for-github-pages for information about how to verify and release this domain.

The same is mentioned in 1st screenshot of the original message and mehtaabhishek.in is already added as a verified domain under Settings > Code, planning, and automation > Pages (2nd screenshot of the original message)

seems to me the root is not yet setup, now I’m thinking the DNS is not yet configured, although you already verified that belongs to you

that domain when entered should redirect to your custom domain but there is already the page in there, it cannot host two pages at the same address and I think that is where the error is coming from, again, I’m just guessing it

Hi @jdevstatic,

  1. Root is already configured. It’s here (abhishek-a-mehta.github.io/Profile/)
  2. No that’s not correct because even stemcon.in is also configured somewhere else but still I am able to add a CNAME file for it.

I read somewhere that if your domain is attached to some other repository, it will take ~7 days to release the domain after domain verification, but I think it’s more than 7 days now and still getting the same error. Not sure how to resolve this


@abhishek-a-mehta Give it another try. I did take a quick look and could not see any Pages sites holding mehtaabhishek.com anymore so it should have been cleared up. You are right, once verified, a domain is fully released after 7 days.

Hi @yoannchaudet, the domain I want to use is mehtaabhishek.in, and still getting the same error.

Gotcha, I was looking at the dot com one.

mehtaabhishek.in was just cleared. Let me know if that’s better now :slight_smile:

Hi @yoannchaudet, yes it’s resolved now ! Only one request, can you please try and update this support article ? Just a simple note at the end of the page stating, Once the domain is verified, GitHub will take at least 7 days to release your domain - This Note will certainly help a lot of folks.