When/how often is the 'Contributors' on the main page updated?


For some of my repos, there are contributors listed on the repo main page (Code) that according to insights/contributions aren’t contributors.

Also, since I’m a new user, I can only link 2 links, so I replaced all but 1 link with REDACTED and created a gist of this post with the original links still instant:

Examples repos



I know the offending user (my work account), that I sometimes erroneously commited with, so I used filter-branch to remove him from the git log. However that was a while ago, and the contributors on the main page still hasn’t been updated.


After a week (I guess), out of despair, I pushed one of my smaller repos (1 branch, 64 commits total, no issues etc) to a new repo and it only contains 1 contributor as expected:

This works, but for other repos that have stars, watches, several branches etc. this doesn’t work.


So, that leads me to wondering two things:

  1. How often is the main page contributors updated?
  2. Is it based anything more than the insights/contributions that the header links to?

Hi @madeso - welcome the GitHub Community!

The most likely reason is that the commits that you rewrote are still cached in your repo. I ran a garbage collection and manually rebuilt the contributions details for those repos, and these are now gone.