when did this forum open up?

when did this forum open up and was active? i tried googling for it in the past and could never find it

nobody on any other sites knew like on quora or reddit or anywhere (not a single site on the entire web) had any users that knew about this forum when i specifically asked where the github forum was

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Hi @solveallproblemsrigh,

More or less around September 2017 and the first post is probably this one: Getting-started-with-the-GitHub-Community-Forum. But I’m not really sure. We can ask to @nadiajoyce to more infos :wink: 


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Welcome, @solveallproblemsrigh

Happy you are here! Great handle by the way.

Thanks, @wabri for that great intro. 

The GitHub Community Forum launched October 31st, 2017! We celebrated 1-year last October. Here’s a look at our first year. 

@solveallproblemsrigh we are still growing and excited to build the community alongside our members. 

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long-term problem ongoing into the future

it didnt show up once on google, googled so many times, not a single person anywhere knew for many years

i found it through some github link, cant remember where anymore

looking through chrome’s history, seems like it was probably somewhere from one of the help pages, may be a new link


I apologize to hear that but thank you for letting us know and bringing that to our attention.