When can we expect to see Github Actions released?


It seems like I signed up for the beta quite a while ago.  We are really interested in using this functionality, any update on when it will be made available?

Thank you!


Hi @derekssmith ,

There is no way to know exactly, but GitHub should be rolling out Actions right now as fast as they can. Just stand by!

I recommend watching their Blog, Twitter and of course your inbox for news on the matter.

Unfortunately, this is not enough to know when a team is deciding which platform they will use to build their CI/CD workflows. GitHub Actions seems to be very promising, although I have no personal experience, since my (or my team / colleagues) requests to access the limited beta haven’t been accepted yet. We even tweeted with #GitHubActions hashtag few times as suggested by @github on Twitter, with no luck. It’s a bit frustrating. We understand that it’s not a simple task to release a feature this big, but to know if we’re talking about days, weeks or months would be very useful.

Thanks for your patience @eskimag, we’re rolling it out as fast as we can! 

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> Try out the beta before GitHub Actions is generally available on November 13.