When Alice making a release, sometimes it's tagged with Bob released this.

When a team member making a release, sometimes it will be tagged with another member’s name and says “Xxx released this …”.  

For example:  https://github.com/mimblewimble/grin/releases/tag/v0.5.0

You can see “yeastplume released this 5 days ago”, but actually, it’s not released by “yeastplume”, another member made this release.

Any idea about how to avoid this confusing issue?  or is it a bug?

Hmm… That is weird. Can it be possible that the person who saved the first draft gets their name on the relase?

No, the person who made this release was same as who saved the first draft.

Is there any support from github in this forum?  I appreciate some help to solve this problem.

Hey there @garyyu!

Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here. If you’re looking for official support, you can reach out to the wonderful people at GitHub Support over here. Otherwise, you can still get help from the community here (GitHub staff don’t reply to all threads here, but you can still reach out using the form above).


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thanks @timrossback

Actually I sent the request with above form, but no response :slight_smile: I will try again that form.

Hey @garyyu,

Rest assured that if you’ve submitted the form, GitHub’s on the case! As I’m sure you can understand, replies might be a bit delayed while people are on extended holidays 🙂 When did you submit that contact form last?

Hi @garyyu,

Thanks for your patience! I’ve confirmed your email has been received and the appropriate team will look into it. 

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