When a user is not signed in, "New issue" button ignores issue templates configuration

When a user is not signed in, “New issue” button (after signing in) navigates to $repo/issues/new (for a repo with issue templates it should be $repo/issues/new/choose), which in turn ignores issue templates configuration

Relevant documentation for issue templates:

(some of the links below are not clickable, because I’m a new user, so GitHub Community doesn’t allow me to add more than two links).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create new repository. I’ve checked these steps in my repository GitHub - SvyatoslavScherbina/TestIssueTemplates
  2. Do any of the following:
    • Add issue template (like in https://github.com/SvyatoslavScherbina/TestIssueTemplates/tree/64b24b73993d9c27f5b21452fd19c4982ab4d4e9/.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE)
    • Add issue template and config.yml with blank_issues_enabled: false (like in https://github.com/SvyatoslavScherbina/TestIssueTemplates/tree/dfe72314a4ea93a721095484619dcfe2cda7dc02/.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE)
    • Don’t add issue templates, but add config.yml with blank_issues_enabled: false and contact_links: (like in https://github.com/SvyatoslavScherbina/TestIssueTemplates/tree/48f71c7a04c7f58f9ee0463437cd884f171ee03c/.github/ISSUE_TEMPLATE)
  3. Sign out from GitHub (or open your browser in incognito mode), navigate to the repo issues page (like https://github.com/SvyatoslavScherbina/TestIssueTemplates/issues). Press “New issue” button, GitHub will suggest signing up, click on “Sign in” link at the bottom of the dialog. (For my repo it navigates me to https://github.com/login?return_to=%2FSvyatoslavScherbina%2FTestIssueTemplates%2Fissues%2Fnew).
  4. After a successful sign in, GitHub will redirect to $repo/issues/new, which doesn’t propose issue templates or contact links, and allows to create a new blank issue.

Expected: GitHub will honor issue templates configuration for users that aren’t signed in when pressing “New issue” button, and show the same issue submission page as for users who was signed in before pressing the button.

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Thanks for the report. This is a known issue and I’ve added your report to it. I’ll do my best to let you know if we have changes to report.

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