When a project contains pieces that could be separate projects, how do I proceed?

My project is to create a Virtual “Kangaroo Court” that gives U.S. citizens a place to gather evidence for wrongdoing by public officials. It’s a huge project. How do I break it down into component parts using either multiple repositories or one repository with predefined pieces? The first thing I have to do is define each of the pieces before ANY programming takes place and I want those pieces to be on GitHub.

I think this project would have massive appeal to frustrated citizens wondering why government officials aren’t held to the same standards that we are.

I have all of the theory worked out, I need help detailing out the specifications in such a way where good programmers can plug into it and help.

This is a really complex question that there simply is no general answer for. It depends on a ton of different factors, the biggest of which are “how is the project organized?” and “how do you want to work?” Unfortunately, nobody is going to be able to answer those questions but you.

On the other hand, the great thing about software is that nothing is ever set in stone. If you try things one way and find that it isn’t going well, try it a different way. My main piece of advice though is that you should start with just one repository and then extract things into separate repositories when it makes sense to do so as you go along.

I hope that helps!