What's the canonical way to have a prerelease track master?

I’d like to have periodic releases using the standard version/tag triggered business, but also a “Latest” pre-release that would simply track master - however having reread the tutorials a few times I still don’t quite understand how to set this up properly

It took me all day :slight_smile: but I finally got a workflow that when I push to master it will build all my artifacts/assets, create a release and then upload everything into the release


The issue is that the next time I push to master it crashes b/c the release is already there!

I could find some way to increment the release name/tag/etc. but then I’ll get hundreds of prereleases and I wouldn’t want that… I could also link people to the artifacts inside the Action… but that’d be unergonimic and confusing.

There is also seemingly no action for editing or deleting releases - so I’m wondering what’s the expected workflow here? Or is what I’m trying to setup discouraged?

Hi @geokon-gh

I found an action for update release, but I haven’t found a way to configure it correctly.

If you are willing to try it, there is the action : https://github.com/marketplace/actions/update-release

If the action could not help, there are the Release APIs, you could try to List releases for a repository , find the release id with tag “snapshot”, then delete the release before create a new one.