Whats the best way to get started with python?

I’m wanting to get started with python so I can help contribute to sources. I think I have a basic understanding but not good enough to where I can say i’m confident. I know there are many sources that can help me learn, but i’m not wanting to use any video or book based sources because I like to learn things more hands-on and go at my own pace. Any good resources that would let me do that and don’t overly rely on text or video?

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Hi @dunked0n,

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If you want to get hands on something you can help me with this repo: i3battery 

Otherwise I have a project that stop, for the lack of time, that you can improve: YAPI 

Altough there is open kattis if you want something challenging with problem solving: https://open.kattis.com/ 

Ask for more info :slight_smile:


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My suggestion is using a book, because it is the only way to make yourself very confident with the programming language, more people don’t like this choose because they are scary when they see books, but if you read the book with desire to learn it will be very interesting and funny. I say that from my experience of programmer. Somethimes you can integrate the book with a course (best site in my opinion https://www.udemy.com). 

But the just way when I really learn a propramming code it’s from the book.

P.S. don’t pretend to learn a programming code(pyhton in your example) in 2 weeks, to learn (like other things) you need constancy, wish and commitment.

Last thing: learn from a book it’s also easier, because they are very clear, and you can go to any topic you need to study again or you wonna focus.

I hope to be useful. Good luck


People learn in different ways. For books I’d recommend “Learn Python the Hard Way” - the free online version. But that’s not your preference, so I’d google “free python courses”, or “free python tutorials”; use some on-line resources like https://www.learnpython.org/  or https://docs.python-guide.org/intro/learning/