What user is used to provision the VMs?

What user is used when provisioning the VMs in virtual-environments?

At the time of this writing, there are 87 provisioning scripts:

virtual-environments/images/linux master % ls -l **/*.sh | wc -l

There are numerous scripts that use “sudo”:

virtual-environments/images/linux master % grep -Rl sudo * | uniq | wc -l

Simple maths means there are roughly 1/4 using “sudo” and 3/4 not. Very confusing.

Hi @rbellamy , 

The VMs for GitHub-hosted runners are hosted in Microsoft Azure, when you run a workflow using GitHub hosted runner, a vm with runner application installed will be distributed to each parallel job.

And the Linux and macOS virtual machines both run using passwordless sudo. When you need to execute commands or install tools that require more privileges than the current user, you can use sudo without needing to provide a password. 

If this could not dispel your doubts, please feel free to tell me what’s the matter you met. 

No, that really doesn’t answer my question. I’m asking about what user is used to CREATE the VM used by the GitHub hosted runner, and my comment about the use of “sudo” is referring to the packer templates used to create those VMs.