What' up. change my email pls

Hi, I identified that I had a registered account for a long time and ask to recover it by mistake accidentally put a wrong email and want to change email for another one so that can recover my account.

Change my email:
[redacted for privacy] to [redacted for privacy]

you can manage (remove, add, verify) your emails at your Settings


There’s no way to access the account because github asks for a new password and I don’t have full access to that email wrong.

Another prints here:

If you no longer have access to the original email that you used to create the account in the first place, then you need to contact customer support, and provide them with enough proof that you were the original owner of that email, and ask them to enable your new email on your account. You’ll have to be patient though, for this make time some time, because they need to ensure that they are not handing over to you someone’s else account, and they might even be unable to do it unless you can provide enough proofs to uphold your case.

But one thing for sure, this is not something that can (or should) be resolved on the public Community Forum, since it will involve sharing a lot of personal and private information, which you should not post publicly.


Thanks for this. I’m having exactly the same problem. I have an account i set up a few years ago associated with a college email address and i’m not receiving any emails and can’t get the github verification code.
Thank you for your advice. I will contact customer support. :slight_smile:

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