What type of content do you want to see in the Welcome board?

Hi Community Members :wave:

Angela here, one of the Program Managers in the Community. I’m excited to have you here! :tada:

I need your expertise and thoughts. :thinking:

We are thinking of doing a weekly or bi-weekly topic to bring you more content to satisfy your GitHub wants and needs.

This is where I need your help :blush: :point_down:

What type of weekly topic or content would you like to see that makes your week?

Ok, maybe making your week is a bit of a stretch. :blush: What type of content would be helpful to you?

To give you an idea, previously, we posted the Weekly Welcome topic where we shared what happened in the Community over the week and upcoming events.

Let me know what you would like to see, or what would be helpful. Dream big! :blush:
(I’m also open to new ideas on how we can help.)

All of your feedback will help inform us how we will move forward in the future.
Thank you in advance! :tada:


Umm …hi. Well I don’t know whom i should contact but a bunch of stuff in my phone has led me here. I’m no expert in phones but I think someone has remotely taken over my android. (edited by moderator)


Hey @texxasrunnit , this isn’t really the right place for your question I believe. Your best bet may be to open up a new topic in a relevant board. However, this link seems a good starting place for working with Android phones that are hacked:


A “Git command of the week”? Kicking it off with git init/git clone and moving on to more advanced commands such as git rebase and git bisect?


Hi @mpboom :wave:

Thank you so much for sending @texxasrunnit to the proper place. We appreciate it!

I like that! :point_up: That’s very interesting. Thank you for sharing. We will keep that in mind.


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I feel as though a lot of beginner content for git and github is based on a single workflow: clone a repo. I think it would be useful to do a “beginner persona of the week” to explore different starting points. My current focus is on starting with a local repo in VS Code, but you could also do some (beginner) explorer personas like (i) downloading code, or (ii) exploring code on the github website itself.

You could also do a weekly feature on “changes we want to see in VS Code” (joking!).


Hi @lagbolt :wave:

I :heart: this idea! :tada: Thank you so much for sharing!!
We will keep this in mind.

:laughing: hehe

Thank you again!

Hi everyone,

I love the idea of @mpboom maybe even with tips and tricks to use on github cli or github desktop.

Recently I have been thinking about which is the best git gui and if I need to use that instead of using only the vanilla cli, maybe a topic like this could be interesting for someone else as well.

Thanks @angela-crist for all the effort :grin:


Hi @wabri :wave:

Thanks so much for sharing! Great topic suggestions!
Very helpful! We will definitely keep this in mind. :tada:

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