What to install to have git.exe for Android Studio?

I have just learnt, that I can dowload an Android app example from GitHub into my Android Studio.

But I do not have git.exe yet installed on my PC.

What shall I install on my PC to have this git.exe?

I wish to install only the base minimum needed for dowloading the example. I would like to avoid teh install of a fully fledged Git with all teh whistles and bells to have an own “github” on my PC.

I do not find this info on Git - Downloads (git-scm.com)

Thanks, Henrik

:wave: Welcome!

I’m pretty sure that if you want to make use of git repositories in any way, you will have to install the standard git package for your operating system. That will be the one at the top of that page.

This just installs git - it doesn’t install anything to do with GitHub or any GUI applications, but it is required if you want to use any kind of git repositories (from GitHub or from anywhere else).

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Hello canuckjacq,

I have installed “Git for Windows v2.31.1”.

I only need the git.exe so that Android Studio can use it for dowloading a sample Android app from GitHub.

But now I got 4 git.exe programs:


Which should I specify in Android Studio as the needed git.exe?

Thanks a lot in advance,

BR, Henrik

I’d say that \bin\git.exe should be the correct one. When you’ve added the path in AS you’ll be able to “test” it to make sure.