What to do when a community thread is not responded to?

What’s a sensible action to take if a request has no updates from a GitHub representative? For example, I’ve just been looking for an answer to the question raised here

and the thread seems not to have had any updates in a number of years. As a GitHub community user, I’m unclear whether this means

  • GitHub is working on a fix
  • GitHub considers the issue is actually a desired feature and therefore won’t be fixed
  • There are blockers to fixing the issue
  • GitHub considers the issue too low priority
  • GitHub is no longer aware of the request

It would help a lot to have an update from GitHub about what the status of such requests is.

I could contact GitHub support directly for this, but I don’t think that’s what they intend support to be for.

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Hi @joelberkeley and welcome! :wave:

We do have a Product Feedback form where your feedback will go to an inbox monitored by our Product Team. This is a great way to make sure your interest is noted when planning is happening. If you open a ticket with Support for a feature request or product feedback, it will be routed into that inbox as well.

You can also check our public roadmap to see the kinds of work we are focusing on for the coming year. Obviously smaller fixes are not on there, but are often included when work is happening adjacent to it.

While it has been a while since we have updated on that thread, the absence of an update is simply that - there has been no update because there is so far nothing to report.

That doesn’t mean it’s not being worked on - I’ve spent the last two months fielding questions about syncing forks knowing it was pending release. It’s my favourite thing to share an update that a feature has been released when people have been calling for it, but that doesn’t mean we’re able to share details about work that isn’t ready for release yet.

As an GitHub user, the most you can do is to share your feedback on the Product Feedback form, and hopefully trust that we are always working to make GitHub as awesome as possible. That doesn’t mean every bit of feedback sees action, but it does mean we are paying attention.


Thanks @canuckjacq for the detailed response. From reading some of the comments in that particular thread, it appears I’m not the only one who was starting to think the thread had been abandoned. I can’t speak for others, but I know I would find it really helpful to see any comment at all on such threads, even if it’s just to say “we are still aware of this, but haven’t had the time to tackle it yet”. I don’t know if that’s feasible, or if there are simply too many current threads to do that.

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