What’s best language for 3D game development

Anyone know what language I should use for 3D game development? I have used python but am not sure if it is the best one or even a good one for this

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There’s no “best language” for 3D game development, as it depends largely on your skills and preferences. However, I’d recommend C# as that is the language that is supported by Unity3D, which has an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface. 

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Thx. I am still working my way up to that, have any way for me to make 3D games with python without blender?

Like I said, I’d highly recommend C# as opposed to Python for game development. 

Think of C# less as an “advanced language” and think of it more as a “suitable toolset” for game development because it encourages software architecture that actually makes game programming much easier.

With that being said, I wouldn’t use C# or C++ to do webscraping or help pull information from spreadsheets.

Of course, it’s all up to personal preference, and if you really want to use Python, then I think there are libraries for 3D game programming (Note: My go-to languages for GameDev are C++ and C#, I only use Python for small scripts and machine learning so I can’t tell you much about these libraries)

  • Panda3D - Offers 3D rendering, collision detection, user input and audio
  • PyGame -  Wrapper for the SDL library, written in C, but can be combined with other libraries to render 3D objects if you want to use it for input and low-level stuff
  • PyOpenGL -  Looks to be a OpenGL binding for Python for rendering 3D graphics

There is also the Godot engine(pronounced Go-doh), which is similar to Unity, but it uses a scripting language that seems very similar to Python in syntax.


And while you’re studying programming for game development I’d also highly recommend you read:


It’s a blog that covers how to efficiently implement certain algorithms. Most of it is written in C++, but it should be easy to read if you know how to code.

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And yes, I realize that kinda contradicts what I said earlier about there not being a “best” language for game development.  I was thinking within the scope of lower level languages like C++, C#, Rust, and Java.

Rust is currently not a common game development language, but I’m interested in seeing if it will take off for game development. It has a different Object Oriented structure that might turn game developers away, so it’s hard to say

So, to rephrase my first answer: There is no “best” language for 3D game development, as long as that language is C++, C#, Java, or some scripting language made for an already existing engine.

In 2D game development you can use pretty much whatever you want - I’ve seen Javascript, Python, and even Visual Basic. 

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