What response when exceeding Rate Limit using GraphQL

Resource limitations - GitHub Docs describes nicely the resource limitations when using the GraphQL API.

However what is not documented is what we can expect when exceeding the rate limits?

Is it something similar as when using the REST API?

> HTTP/2 403
> Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 14:50:41 GMT
> X-RateLimit-Limit: 60
> X-RateLimit-Remaining: 0
> X-RateLimit-Reset: 1377013266

> {
>    "message": "API rate limit exceeded for xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. (But here's the good news: Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit. Check out the documentation for more details.)",
>    "documentation_url": "https://docs.github.com/rest/overview/resources-in-the-rest-api#rate-limiting"
> }