What plan is required for organization secrets in private repos?

Various notifications state that it’s not available for free and I need to upgrade my plan, but I was unable to find any information what plan should I upgrade to. Tried to search in plan comparison table, help, google. Is it available in Team plan or it requires Enterprise or One?

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Hi @poma,

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Team plan, Enterprise or One plan all works, to reduce cost, you can choose Team plan.

It’s mentioned in the Github Blog here:

Organization secrets can be shared with any public repository, and to private repositories within that organization that are part of a GitHub Team or Enterprise, or GitHub One plan.

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Can you tell me that as of Today…
Does the Team plan have access to corporate secrets that can be used by workflow actions for installing other private packages. i.e via the npm ci command that installs packages before the build step to create a private NPM module

I have the same question, it is hard to find an answer to that on the guthub plan descriptions.