What permission level do I need to create issues using PAT

I generated a personal access token and I want to give it the minimum permissions possible to be able to create issues. I gave it the write:repo_hook permission only, but I get “Not Found” when making the request. According to this, anyone with pull access can create issues, I think this means I should also be able to set the permission to read instead of write, but the write doesn’t seem to work. I would appreciate any help, thanks.

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The *:repo_hook permissions are for reading, writing, or administrating the webhooks associated with a repository. Webhooks are a system that GitHub uses to notify external services of events on GitHub. So, write:repo_hook only gives you access to the webhooks for repositories and not access to the repository information itself.

For creating issues, you need either the public_repo or repo permission on your Personal Access Token. public_repo will only grant the ability to manipulate public repositories. repo will grant the ability to manipulate all repositories you have access to.

I hope that helps!