What mistake did I make? Help needed

I’m a absolute programming newbie. I’m learning programming with vscode on my macbook pro and some books, youtube vids. But there’s a problem like the pic. Unlike examples of books and YouTube videos, there are many errors in my debug process. Could I ignore these errors?

Not sure, but see what
echo $LANG
emits using the command line on MacOS.

It may be incompatible with available github encodings.
utf-8 is going to work, I believe, but I do not know
what others are supported.
Hope this helps.

.dSYM are binary files you probably don’t want to look at them in general. They’re used by debuggers/linkers.

Well, jsoref is right. I did not look closely enough at the original question. Essentially .dSYM files are object files in exactly the same format as an executable. So meaningful access requires using a tool that understands that object format. These tools are of interest to compiler writers, for example. GNU tools like objdump and the github project (davea42/libdwarf-code) I support can do that, it is not obvious oqezz needs to look at the object details.

The short explanation is that MacOS compilers by default create an executable (I call it ‘myprog’ here) and a separate object file down a couple levels in a directory next to the executable. dSYM is the top level directory name and drilling down there one will finally find the object file
containing ‘myprog’ executable’s DWARF debugging information.

For example (here dwarfdump_G4 at the top level is the executable itself and dwarfdump_G4 at the lowest level is the object file with DWARF information for a debugger):
q3 511: ls -R dwarfdump*



Info.plist  Resources



Hope this makes sense.

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