What makes a Pull Request "rebaseable"

There is an attribute in the Pull Request API request (/repos/<repo>/pulls/<pr_number>) called rebaseable. One of my PRs that needed to be rebased with its base branch had that attribute set to false but doing a simple git pull --rebase origin <base_branch> worked fine locally with no conflicts. What exact conditions make a PR/Branch not rebaseable?

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Although rebaseable is an available field in our Pull Requests API, how its value is determined isn’t currently documented. I checked internally and see that our documentation team is tracking this (along with documenting other fields, like mergeable_state)––I’ve added your instance there so they can consider it for future iterations. Such information would help other integrators leveraging our Pull Requests API. We’re sorry we can’t share any more context than this until it’s officially documented. :bowing_man:

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Thanks for the welcome :). And thanks for letting me know! I look forward to reading the documentation once it’s out. Cheers!

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