What is "User authorization callback URL" for?

I’ve set “User authorization callback URL”  in my “Github App” settings and when a user installed my app, they are not taken to that URL.

I expected the user to be taken to the URL I’ve entered for “User authorization callback URL” not taken to the github installations page.

I tried to set the “Setup URL (optional)” and this gives me the desired behavior.

What is “User authorization callback URL” for?

Hi @unformatt,

Thanks for being here! Per the docs did you set up a route to specify what the callback should do?

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Hi AndreaG,

Yes, my server is ready to accept the callback URL. However, Github is not redirecting the user to the callback URL. It’s not a matter of 404 as mentioned in your link. Github is redirecting back to Github, not my site.



Hi @unformatt,

Did you ever solve this? I have the exact same problem - the “User authorization callback URL” appears to be a no-op. The user is never brought there, and no messages are sent to that URL, it just redirects to https://github.com/settings/installations/xxxx.