What is the PRO label in my profile?

Today I visited Github after a long interval. I found the PRO lable in my profile:

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What is that and What does that mean?



It means you are subcribed to the new Pro plan, as explained in this blog post: https://blog.github.com/2019-01-07-new-year-new-github/


For those of us who have been using the “Developer” tier for the unlimited private repositories, it’s really unclear what the benefit of continuing with the “Pro” plan is. Can you clarify?

Note: I see that it says “advanced code review tools” in the pricing page, but without a concrete example that doesn’t mean much to me, so I’d appreciate any more details.


The extra features you get are indeed listed right here: https://github.com/pricing

If you think you don’t need the extra features, you can always downgrade your account to a free one.

About the advanced code review tools; I think it would be handy if a mod jumped in and clarified that.


Hi @necaris, Thanks for being here! Advanced code review tools, include Codeowners and Protected Branches.


I signed up for a student account for access to free private repositories. I see Pro on my profile, should I now downgrade to Free?


On https://github.com/pricing you can compare the different plans. If you think you don’t need Pro anymore you are absolutely free to downgrade at anytime.


Thought it was something useful and relevant to the comunity but nah is just ads. Why would I like to tell everybody what plan I am using, I find this very intrusive.


Hi @poncianodiego,

You can disable the badge at any time in your profile settings.

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Thank you for the instructions on how to disable the badge.


if your using a school email for the pro account I reccomend making a private account to transfer your repos over before you graduate. this way you dont loose your repo’s if the school kills your email. Im not entirely sure how it would work but thats something I would do to stay on the safe side. You should keep you PRO account so you can create private repositories for school work (avoid having to deal with other students stealing your code)

@dixantpatel private repo’s are availible on Free accounts as well since a few months ago. You can always update the main mail address of your account to a mail address you fully control, without having to transfer everything over to another account.