what is the practical diff between 'user' and 'project'? anyone here uses git pages

this is the minimal need

  1. ok so the first page woudl have basically my life goal

  2. on right side, there would be links to diff pages

  3. on each of the links, it’ll show a clickable table of contents

  4. clicking on a toc link expands that section of the toc link (so they are collapsible links)

  5. there’ also a toc / outline on the right side to navigate the page

yea that’s pretty much it

can gitbook do this?




if not lets move on

this say to pick a ‘user’ or ‘project’ pages, none of this makes any sense


which do i pick?

this looks like how you create 


any helpful or good info should be added to the relevant pages

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Hi @solveallproblemsrigh,

I think I’m going to need a bit more information to figure out exactly what you’re trying to do. I think you might be hung up on a few things that aren’t necessarily related to your goal.

So, what is it that you’re trying to do exactly? Are you looking to build a website? Or some sort of digital book along the lines of the Rails Tutorial Book?

I see that you want to somehow represent your life goal and have links to diff pages. Could you elaborate on this a bit more? What are these diffs of?


‘what is it that you’re trying to do exactly?’

that site

‘Are you looking to build a website?’


‘What are these diffs of?’

what do you mean, they’re differerent pages of text or a link to a book or anything, just diff pages, ill figure that part out later

Hi @solveallproblemsrigh,

“Diff” has a particular meaning within Git and GitHub as diffs are what are used to show changes between two versions of a file. Now that I understand what you’re talking about a bit more, I think I can answer your questions a bit better, but I wanted to provide you context on where I got confused as that might help you get help more in the future.

It sounds to me that you might be jumping ahead quite a few steps in figuring out the specific tools that you want to use instead of starting with a small concept and building on that. I don’t want you to feel stuck like you have to figure everything out right away and find yourself frustrated.

To start with, I’d recommend trying to create a simple site using HTML and CSS on your local machine if you haven’t done so already. HTML and CSS can be hosted on GitHub Pages pretty easily, so if you have a site that works on your local machine, that’s a great way to experiment with GitHub Pages as you can just upload that website.

As for User and Organization pages, those are special URLs for different types of Pages sites. User pages are a top-level domain of (username.github.io) for individual users and Organization pages are the same thing but for organizations. However, any repository that you create can host GitHub Pages, so you aren’t limited to those options.

Does that help to answer your questions?

that helps

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