What is the main purpose of this github.community.com?

What does a person gain from using this site and what makes your site better then anything else that’s out there currently? If you are looking to gain some popularity and some more users on your site than I would advise explaining what makes this site special and better than what is already available and for what reasons why would I ever even entertain the idea that I need something better than I already have, otherwise what would be the point of changing what I already have.

Hello @Codman1988, and welcome to the community!
We truly appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: Our mission is to connect users with each other so they can ask questions, receive answers, and share their expertise. If you’d like to learn more about the community and get started, visit our Welcome Center. :slight_smile:

GitHub is the foremost choice of developers around the world, so it’s not about getting popular, competitors were not even close to its popularity

as we all know, Stack Overflow is too popular as a forum site, but GitHub Community as a forum is mainly concerned with GitHub