What is the best way to start a blogging website on coding in 2019

In recent era computer and mobile is a part our life everyday life and every one want to start a passive income from Internet and online. I have hold a post graduate degree (Master in Computer Application) and BSc in Information Technology. I have some practicle knowledge on computer and mobile programming, how to make web site ecommerce, how to develop theme, plugin and how to develop mobile application. But due to lack of money many people can not learn coding and programming through a reputed university and college.

So I want share my coding/programming knowledge with other needy people through online learning platfrom. So I want to start an online school on coding and programming through blogging, content writing and video tutorial.

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I just like computers very much, I don’t have the conditions to go to college, now I am self-learning, I will pay attention to you.

@satyajitnath Welcome! One place where you can create a course is Learning Lab. This guide should help you get started. 

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Ofc you can use some platforms as wordpress… but, hey! We could make it more interesting!

You should know static websites generators this are a great option for create websites, you have to write your content in markdown, then with one of this projects you will be able to generate an static website (css, js, and html), then, you can up to a GitHub repository and enable GitHub Pages.

My personal blog is based on GoHugo and GitHub Pages, and I only have to write a markdown file to update it.