What is the best process for contributing to open source projects?

Sorry if this is an obvious answer, but I am a student trying to ensure I’m doing this correctly. For my contributions, I have been completing the following steps:

  • Fork the repository of the project.
  • Create a new project in JetBrains IDEA from my forks URL.
  • Make changes and run tests.
  • Push my changes to my forked repository.
  • Make a pull request.

Is there a better way to be doing this or am I completing the proper steps? Thank you in advance for your time, I really appreciate it.

In general that’s a reasonable approach, though there’s no requirement to use a specific IDE. :wink:

A thing you should always do is check the project documentation for contributing guidelines and requirements. They can often be found in README and CONTRIBUTING files in the repository.

Depending on circumstances it might also be a good idea to first create an issue to discuss the problem you’re trying to solve (unless you’re picking up an existing one).