What is the best initial setup and in what order for ideal automation

*apologies if already asked

I always try to create a clean workshop but end up in a mess - I would love to set up a efficient automated system as my end goal - what has been your best all round starting set up? (I know it gets complicated depending on platforms but as automation as a whole is my plan I’ll be using a bit of all :slight_smile:

Thanks and any tips for learner will be great I find it really hard to read with brain cancer now so it’s all hands on deck & hope for best!

Hope you’re safe and sound @elektra-life :heart: :hugs: :pray:

I’ve been recently thinking about a best practices type of repository to help with this but also if you attempt to create a new GitHub Action workflows then you’ll see that GitHub prompts you with templates to get you started. They should be a good starting point.