What is plugin syntax of github action?

While reading codes in a github action repo(https://github.com/actions/checkout/blob/50fbc622fc4ef5163becd7fab6573eac35f8462e/action.yml#L23), I found “plugin” syntax. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any descriptions or information about plugin syntax. Is anyone who can explain what it is for to me?

Appreciate your feedback!

Plugins live on the runner and are only available to a certain set of first party actions. I will confirm internally for more detail, and update once there’s a response, thanks.

Hi @mznet, plugins refer to functionality from the runner code itself. They’re not relevant or available for user-authored actions.

Well, are there any plans on making https://github.com/actions/upload-artifact somewhat usable then? Right now this action has serious issues (reported in multiple bug reports), but it whole functionality is hidden in a plugin.

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