What is meant by "require" in "Require conversation resolution before merging"

I’m trying to figure out what is meant by “require” here for this option: [Require conversation resolution before merging](About protected branches - GitHub Docs

As best I can tell it shows a warning/error a la a failing build but the PR can still be merged. Is that the expected behavior? Is there some additional status check I need to enable here to truly force this? Or is this potentially a role issue?

Option checked:

What this looks like. Though note that I can still Merge despite this:

I expect it’s code comments.

Here’s an example:

Right, I understand what type of comment is triggering it. I’m trying to understand the meaning of “require” as it doesn’t appear to be required since you can still merge the PR. I realize that many of these types of branch checks are bypassable by specific people.

I saw what you saw on my repo until I added an extra check:

By default, the restrictions of a branch protection rule don’t apply to people with admin permissions to the repository. You can optionally choose to include administrators, too.

Once I check:

Include administrators

By default, protected branch rules do not apply to people with admin permissions to a repository. You can enable this setting to include administrators in your protected branch rules.

I got what you were expecting: