What is githubs graphql good for?

i’ve been fiddling around with the graphql api of github for a while now and i’m very disappointed. simple things like:

  • getting a repositories clones
  • getting a repositories forks in a date range
  • in general getting date ranges without using the search query, which in some cases, like forks, doesn’t even make sense

why is time a third class citizen in the graphql api, why is it lacking basic features the rest api comes with out of the box, why even make the graphql api if it’s inferior to the available REST api?

please, github, give the graphql api some love and at least give it the features REST already comes with. and make the time dimension a first class citizen.

is anyone even using this forum and the graphql api? it’s mind boggling that there are literally no answer to my posts except from some employees that feel bad bc i didn’t get a reply for weeks.

github is a multi billion dollar company, please step up your game …