What is github4.com?

I’ve never seen such a thing, I’ve mistakenly write “github 4 .com”, which exists. Whois results seems like they’re completely different.

I would suggest not trusting it.

Neither URLVoid nor VirusTotal have anything negative to say about it, however the domain was also just registered 2 months ago.

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I think it is the chinese version of GitHub, how do you think🤔?

When I browsed that website about 20 minutes ago, it didn’t have an HTTPS certificate, which made it very untrustworthy to me.
Now it has an HTTPS certificate, but it doesn’t seem to come from GitHub/Microsoft:


Hi @mburaksayici!

Thank you kindly for sharing here! Our team continues to investigate reports like this through our support contact requests.
As they work on issues such as this, they also advise that reporting to Google Safebrowsing is helpful.

Thanks again for taking the time to mention this.

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