What is GitHub Community Forum Built With?

The title should be clear enough. I’m just interested learning about the stack used to build GitHub Community Forum, and if it is based on an open source forum software.


It is Lithium which definitely isn’t open source. :slight_smile:


Just what I thought when I opened it. Interesting step for github. :wink:

interesting choice for forums !

You think they would have enough man power to create their own opensource platform? I mean if they made an announcement I’m sure every developer on GitHub would love to try and contribute something? 

Don’t forget about the “too many chefs in the kitchen” problem that can occur with that :).

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We answer this question over this thread. I recommend checking there for more information. Thanks!

What do you also think according other social repositories like GitLab or BitBucket?

After reading article GitHub vs BitBucket vs GitLab: Developers’ Research I am convinced that GitHub is the best