what is github and what github do? uses of github? how to add existing projects in github?

what is github and what github do? what is the use of github for beginners? how to add existing projects in github?

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You can find some information here: Solved: what is github?

The answer on that question is:

GitHub, at its core, is a software code hosting and collaboration tool with a community of over 28 million people (as of June of 2018) using it to build software, share information, collaborate on projects, offer support, and much more. In addition, we (GitHub, the company) create and support development tools such as Atom, Electron, and Desktop. As for why it is important to know about, that would depend on where you’re coming from and what you’re expecting to be doing with it. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you heard about GitHub?

As a beginner you can use to test and improve your ability with git, because is the most used Version control system in the world. This software is request by all IT company, because with it you can work in group and mantain in a better way every feature or change you need to do.  Github is a host that grant to the users a free space for git project, also called repository. To know more you can visit the github learning lab: lab.github.com.

In order to upload project to github you need to create a repository on github, on the corner right you can find a plus icons:

If you click it, you can create a new repository by choosing the “New repository” option. This redirect you to the form to create a new repository:

Once you create the repository you can clone it using a graphical user interface, likegithub desktop or gitkraken, or a command console, like a terminal, and then add this project to the directory of the local clone repository. Than you need to add every changes, commit and push to remote. If you don’t know these procedures I suggest you to do the learning lab or read this online book.

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