What is git push with upstream

Hi everyone, I would like to share with you an interesting incident that happened to me. I have a master and I created a branch from the master which is marketEnt. This would be a 3-4 day development. I don’t want to be away from the master for a long time. I pushed 4 commits to my branch each day, after each push I checkout to master and rebased onto my branch because my colleagues are still continuing to make development on master.

The first 2 days I made this perfectly but 3. day night when I finished my work as before I pushed my commit and tried to get master onto my branch,(always with rebase) it threw an error and one suggestion.

git offered me push with this command **** git push --set-upstream origin marketEnt

I did, it worked properly than 4. day-night didn’t throw an error like that I just run git rebase marketEnt from the master.

But what happened, one of my migrations is applied to master on 3. day-night except the class structure
I am working with the .net ecosystem. Entity classes are demonstrating database tables, migrations are contained database structure

so my migrations are applied to master which I didn’t do that and also not all my commit just migration is applied.

actually explaining is really hard, I have 2 db one for master one for test, my computer is connected to test with my branch, master is connected master db

my migration is applied to master db but there is no code in master branch.

It looks like I changed my connection string to master DB and updated the database, but I didn’t do something like that.

I would like to thank everyone who made an effort to understand the error, it was not easy to explain, but I hope it was clear and I can find an answer.