What does it mean that "you cannot undo" the action to "revoke access" to the API?

I allowed a third-party service (Gitter) to access my account via the API. I figure it’s a good idea to periodically houseclean and disable access for services i’m not currently using. However, when i click the ‘Revoke access’ button in my account for the Gitter app, i get a scary warning:


Are you sure you want to revoke authorization?

Gitter Public Repo Access will no longer be able to access the GitHub API. You cannot undo this action.

i thought the action of denying access would be innocuous, but GitHub seems to be trying to warn me that i am about to do something dangerous. What does it mean “you cannot undo this action”? Is it a bad idea to be denying access to third-party services that one intends to continue using in the future, even if one doesn’t intend to use the service for awhile? I was hoping that the next time i attempt to sign in with the third-party service (Gitter), it will be able to re-request access. Is this not the case? Is GitHub telling me that Gitter will be forever blocked from accessing my account and i will not have a chance to reauthorize it later?

It means that you will have to go through whatever process that the application has for requesting access again. There is no simple 1-click “turn this back on again” button.

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