What does GitHub student packs time limit means?

On some of the benefits, there is written something like “Free 12 month subscription of Canva’s Pro tier.” On such benefits,

will the 12 months count start right after I get my GitHub Student Developer Pack. Or when I start to get my that Specific benefits.

Such I got my guthub student developer pack 1st January, 2021 then I want to use canva from 1st march, 2021. Will my benefit on canva end on 1st Jan, 2022 or, 1st march, 2022.

And, Are all the benefits will start right after i get the pack. Or i can start anytime I want?

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Most of the offers start when activated, not when the Student Pack is approved.

However - the partner offers are entirely controlled by their own company policies. If you have questions about when to activate a specific offer, it would be best to direct it to that company’s support team.

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